Zipline Requirements

Rules and Requirements

1. Height, Weight and Age

You must be at least 8 years old to zipline and approximately 65 lbs.

Our maximum weight is 250lbs and the maximum height is 6’6”. We really do love tall people, but those long legs don’t always lift up high enough when you are approaching the platform.

There is no maximum age. Do you know anyone that can break our record of 95 years young?!

2. Dress Correctly

What should you wear while ziplining?  While it will vary from season to season we generally recommend fitted workout apparel or clothes that are not too baggy. Shorts with smaller inseams (short shorts) may make the rider uncomfortable in the harness. In the winter you will need to layer up but try to keep your clothing as comfortable as possible. We do provide gloves but you are more than welcome to bring your own knitted gloves to wear inside the ones we provide for you.

Protect Your Feet – When considering appropriate footwear you will always need to have closed toed shoes, and you will need to avoid sandals and flip flops as they are not allowed on the tour. You do not have to hike or climb during the tour but we have found that sneakers and boots offer you the most comfort and protect your feet.

Hats and Glasses – Eyeglasses and sunglasses are allowed on the tour. Hats and beanies are allowed as well though you will be required to wear a helmet for the entire length of the course.

3. Our tour guides are there to help

Our course is designed to accommodate and excite riders of every level. Whether it is your first experience or you are a seasoned zipline pro, we have certified tour guides on hand every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course or if you are looking for tips in conquering an element, ask away – we love to help!

4. Click away, but please no selfies

We allow cell phones and GoPros on our course but we ask that you remain hands free while you are ziplining. Sticking with zipline tradition, we use a hand braking technique and you are required to break yourself on all of the lines, so please limit the snapshots to the platforms only. (Feel free to record or photograph friends and family members while you are on the platform).

If you aren’t comfortable with taking your own photos, we will have a photographer on site for groups of 4 or more and you can select photos for purchase when you return to the office.

5. Enjoy the mountain views

You will be starting your zipline adventure at 8,400 feet in the middle of the forest and we want you to enjoy every second of the views. Our zipline is surrounded by Johnson Valley, the highest peak in southern California; Mt. San Gorgonio, and beautiful canyons full of coniferous trees. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as deer, eagles, hawks, and chipmunks that visit our property throughout the day as well.

Please remember that since you will be in the forest, we ask that you help us prevent forest fires – no smoking is allowed during the tour.

6. Please, no bumps, broken bones, or other major health conditions

We absolutely love little ones and we look forward to having you and your child on our tour in the future, but pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the zipline tour.

We also strongly advise that anyone with a heart, lung, back or serious health condition consult their physician before participating.

If you are concerned that you may require medication at any point during the tour, we want you to know that you are allowed to travel with your supplies. Please inform the office staff at check-in and we will coordinate with the tour guides to accommodate your needs.